The very important person bonus, or loyalty bonus.

VIP bonuses, often known as loyalty bonuses, are given to repeat customers. This tactic has been proven effective in casinos across the globe. The most dedicated players also tend to be the wealthiest players because they spend so much time at the casino.

The casino consistently rewards patrons and divides them into tiers based on their play: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Each casino has their own methods for keeping regulars coming back, therefore it is possible to advance through the rankings.


The more you play at a single casino, the higher your VIP status and bonus will be.


Bonuses may be set aside for special purposes, such as advertising, presents, or trips.


Reaching the rank of rand Diamond VIP unlocks special perks that aren’t available to anyone else. To withdraw your winnings, for instance, you need not wait until you have accumulated the minimum amount (see the wagering requirements).


The online casino may also award you a VIP bonus in the form of a recurring proportion of your losses. If you’ve lost $100 at the casino, you’ll get $10 in free play money as an example. The bonus of the losers, if you will.


Finally, be aware that most VIP programs need a weekly wager of between €50 and €200 to join.


We are unable to provide comprehensive information on promotion and demotion or on special offers. The casinos will not share such data. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the casino’s lobby, via mail, or over the phone.


High Roller bonuses, available only to high rollers, include the VIP bonus. Our next piece will be dedicated to this topic, so stay tuned!

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