King of Macedonia Online Slot Rating and reviews

IGT’s slot machine, King of Macedonia, is a game with a historical theme that features pictures of vases, musical instruments, and treasure chests from bygone eras. A monarch and his or her wife come to your aid by handing out some of the game’s most valuable rewards and initiating some thrilling extra rounds.

As some background knowledge, if you have ever studied ancient history, you are aware that Alexander the Great ruled as King of Macedonia throughout his reign. This is something that you should know. Before he was 30, he had already taken control of a significant portion of Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Despite the fact that he was never vanquished in combat, he did not live long enough to enjoy his rule since he passed away at the age of 32.

That’s all the history we have time for today, so let’s go back to the slot game called King of Macedonia, which is available at some of the most reputable online casinos as well as casinos that are compatible with mobile devices. This fantastic-looking online slot game was developed by IGT, and it has a ton of vibrant colors and intricate designs.

A stunning Queen of Macedonia is one of the game’s icons, and Alexander the Great himself is an intimidating presence that activates some of the game’s unique aspects that have contributed to its immense popularity.

There are a variety of features that may help players increase their bankrolls, including giant wild symbols, win multipliers of up to ten times, and a unique free spins game with locked wilds. When the finest possible combination of symbols and multipliers is landed, you might be eligible for prizes of up to 20,000.00 if you are playing at the highest stakes and are doing so at the same time.

Whether or not you have an interest in history, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play the slot game King of Macedonia because of the possible payouts that are available.

Controls and Configuration for the King of Macedonia Slot

King of Macedonia is a video slot machine with 5 reels and 40 paylines. You may start spinning the reels with as little as 0.80 in order to reap all of this game’s benefits; you do not need to play at the highest stakes possible to do so. This means that it is excellent for players who merely want to risk tiny bets, while high rollers may gamble as much as 1,600.00 every spin. There are lots of possibilities for those of us who prefer to play with stakes somewhere in between these restrictions.

When three or more of the same symbol appear on an active payline, beginning on the left side of the screen, you are awarded multiples of the wager placed per line, or one-fortieth of the total stake. It is a common strategy for winning at slots and will be recognizable to anybody who has played these games in the past; nevertheless, if you are new to these games, you shouldn’t be concerned since it is quite simple to grasp.

You may open the paytable for the King of Macedonia slots game by clicking a button located above the reels. This will make the game far simpler to understand. This not only provides a rundown of how much each combination is worth to you, but it also provides specifics on the operation of the bonuses. It is definitely something that should be checked out due to its interesting characteristics, such as locked wild symbols and the appearance of Gigantic Wilds.

Playing the King of Macedonia slot on a desktop computer, an Android or iOS mobile device, or any other mobile device grants access to all of the game’s features as well as its stunning aesthetics. It’s one of the reasons why this game has become such a tremendous hit for IGT, and it’s definitely one of them. Even settings like Autoplay, which makes the reels spin on their own for as long as you want for as long as you want, are carried over to the smartphone edition. Even though the game takes place in the distant past, the mechanics behind it are completely up to current.

The Gameplay and Additional Features of King of Macedonia

The King of Macedonia slot game has an extravagant look because to its color scheme, which has a lot of vibrant blue and purple. This is appropriate given the game’s topic. The atmosphere is helped to be established by a background that consists of rolling fields and mountains, while the music gives a dramatic touch to the action that is taking place on the reels.

Scrolls, vases, treasure boxes, and a black horse are just few of the spectacular symbols that emerge. When she makes her way across the reels, the lovely Queen may provide prizes worth up to 200 times your line bet. If the golden shield bonus symbol appears on the left-most reel, it will double any win by a random amount between two and ten times, depending on how many times it appears.

The domineering presence of King Henry VIII himself is beneficial in more ways than one. If he can complete runs of matching symbols, he functions as a wild symbol and may substitute for any symbol other than the shield. IGT has given him access to a so-called Gigantic Wild in the hopes of assisting him in completing his mission. This Wild is 2 reels wide and 3 rows high. If you’re fortunate, he will cover two complete reels at once, which can result in several cash prizes from a single play.

The King Free Spins bonus round is the most important additional feature, though. You will be given 8 free games if the golden shield appears on the leftmost reel at the same time as a Gigantic Wild symbol. This will trigger the bonus feature. Any wilds that were present at the spin that initiated the feature will remain stationary for the duration of the bonus round. If you had more than one wild symbol in play at the time, this may lead to a string of consecutive wins.

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