Bettors who believe in betting systems merely want to change the nature

Of negative expectation gambling to something else because they think it should be done in a different manner. In order to place a wager at a table when Table Games are open and you have money, you must first exchange your cash for chips at the table. If betting systems had a long-term expectation of profit, you wouldn’t be able to use them whenever you wanted without risking your money.

Hole-carders need a dealer who is flashing a hole card in order to be successful. For a slot machine to be profitable, Variable-State slot advantage players must find a slot that meets one (or more) criteria that are not usually met by that slot machine, otherwise the slot machine would be losing money. Edge-sorters need a non-symmetrical deck of cards to be in play in order to function properly. The idea is that you cannot just go into a casino and expect to win simply because you want to do so.

People who want to use betting systems (in the absence of any other factor) do not really think that the act of betting in a certain manner would result in an expectation of profit. That someone could even think such a thing is inconceivable, since such a catastrophic failure of fundamental reasoning should be impossible.

What is it about betting systems that makes them ineffective? For the simple reason that the games exist. It is possible that if Betting Systems were to function, the games would cease to exist, or even if they did, it would imply that they had a positive player expectation in the first place and would thus cease to exist in the near future.

Why don’t winning player naturals at the Blackjack table pay 5:1 instead of 3:2 or 6:5 when they are dealt? The reason for this is because the outcome of this (together with the other rules being unchanged) would result in a huge player advantage. A fairly well-bankrolled player would earn enormous profits over the long term and would be very likely to win an individual session of any significant duration if their frequency of winning naturals was close to what was anticipated.

In this situation, players would be able to just print money. And, once again, the casinos would not provide this service since (provided the player does not use the most ineffective technique ever devised), players may just sit down and be expected to earn simply by virtue of participating in the game. There is no need for a system or anything else.

People that use betting systems DO NOT WANT TO WIN AT ALL COSTS. That is all there is to it. THEY WANT TO PARTICIPATE. That is all they are interested in doing. They have a desire to gamble. They want to seem as if they think that the system makes a real difference in the anticipation of what will happen.

They hold tenaciously to this assumed idea because, if they acknowledged the fact that this purported belief is completely wrong, they would no longer be able to justify their gambling activities in their own minds. That being said, they may be able to discover genuine methods to win…but their aim has never been to win; rather, it has always been to be there at the table and participate in a game of negative expectation.

However, if you happen to be a system player who is reading this, you don’t have to accept it just yet. After all, acceptance is the final stage in the process.

In addition, you should approach this all one step at a time. It is only by fighting with others about it that you are able to engage in denial, rage, and bargaining at the same time.

Also, don’t be concerned; acceptance is both the last and the most difficult stage.


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